GRK1463 – Leibniz Hannover Universität

Client: GRK1463 - Leibniz Hannover Universität
Year: 2014

The Subject

The Research Training Group of the Leibniz Universität Hannover wanted to renovate their website, a basic HTML page, to attract more potential candidates for the PhD positions.

I was in touch with current members of the GRK in order to understand what was appealing to them and designed the new homepage in order to convey an idea of symmetry and modernity while keeping an institutional look.

The customer did not want a standard CMS, as WordPress or Joomla, because they do not want to use an SQL database at all. To avoid that they had to manually modify the PHP code each time they had to insert something, I created a PHP CMS that reads the pages’ contents from some CSV file, easier to update.

The website is still under construction, since the customer has not gathered all the materials and will probably wait until the beginning of the next accademic year to switch to the new one.